Thursday, August 21, 2014

Comunication, Goals setting and Personal Management

These principles can be used not only to a group of people that needs to learn how to work together to improve their performance and working environment but also to our associates and shareholder making stronger the communication at the time of knowing what to expect about them and their opinions to keep track about the sharing of services, products and projects. 

The sharing of information in between the associates and other shareholders is a key fact to success in a company, if the people inside a company can learn to work together towards the same goals the success is almost guaranteed. In order to keep relationships stable and positive the goals and benefits must be made very clear, we all need to have a certain vision of what we will achieve and when.

Setting goals way too far in time will most likely demotivate the people working towards that goal, it does not matter how good is the goal, the fact is that the most of us not have the ability to keep the same endurance for such a long time, therefore a short time goal setting can make more sense, it does not matter if is working towards a free birthday cake, a recognition in front of all team members, a business trip or a gift card from your favorite restaurant or store the satisfaction and motivation will be huge and will keep the business relations happy and positive.

The communication and working collaborative inside companies in such a competitive and social cultural diverse world is a key fact, now with a very fast paced technologies and tools makes the sharing of information very effective and easy.